Computer help for the elderly

Straightforward Computer Support for Laterlife

Making Computers Work for You

We are a computer company offering straightforward computer support for laterlife in the Home Counties for older people, care homes, individuals, their families and the healthcare professionals. Computers are unique in that we demand that they perform many functions unlike other household appliances such as a toaster or kettle which only have one. Email, web browser, TV, radio, word processor and telephone are just some of the tasks our computers provide and each of these functions have their own settings. The computer itself has generic settings which can easily disrupt any of these tasks, resulting in malfunctions.

Straightforward Computer Support for Laterlife



Straightforward Computer Support

SeniorClicks DBS checked staff can explore with you what functions you require, assist with the set up and test the computer to ensure all components are working effectively ahead of your use. It is distressing to lose pictures or files, whether accidentally deleted or just lost in the computer. We can advise on the best ways to recover lost or deleted data and introduce an effective backup plan that will take the worry out of ever losing anything again.






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