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You talk and we listen

Whether we talk over the phone or during a site visit, we will help unravel your computer issues and find a solution enabling you to continue to work safely and online.

Computer Support Solutions

Every setup of a new system, whether it is an office of 100 new computers or a single new computer requires planning to ensure that every aspect is covered. It is often the simple daily tasks that get forgotten when computers are upgraded or changed. We ensure that all aspects of a new computer or new network are tested so that when you switch on your computer everything is functional straight away and nothing is missing. As every computer setup is unique, we offer a pick ‘n’ mix package of services tailored to your needs.

When Things go wrong

Most of the time when things are not working simply closing everything down and restarting will sort it out and get you back on track, but sometimes there can be an update or a setting changed when installing something new that causes the system to not behave as it should – this is normally where the bigger problems begin when you try and dig around to see why this has stopped working and some of the important generic settings get changed. If you find you have a problem that is not fixed by a restart it is always best and normally cheapest to give us a call first so we can put it right quickly and avoid frustrating time with no computer and extra costs having to try and restore your files and photo’s and to setup the computer again.

Guidance and Training

We can also provide guidance and training on the new features or changes to software such as Windows 10 or iOS, Office programs like Word or Excel. If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us on the number below or fill in the contact form and drop us a line.

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